Sunday, 19 October 2014

MAKE UP: four eyes freak

I thought id so something completley different here in pink is the new perfect, as you see im not technical and the lay out of this post is going to be different to the other as i wanted to mix it up abit. Anyway they will be taken as selfies as im not ao technical with everything just yet and it just something different again.  This is going to be a new series which will be aired on my blog every sunday at 11:30, so watch this space. Hope you like it. 

This looks is probably my favourite, its abit of a Kylie Jenner look with her famous nude lip which i am loving latley. Over the last couple of weeks iv been working my way though foundation and found my self loving bobbie brown, as im just bought a new mac one im such the type if person who will change the foundation on a daily basis because u just love the different looks they give me!

On to the powders of the face, i have been loving the new make up revolution sugar and spice blush pallette. , the colour and pigmentation is amazing, and the highlight and blush just go perfect together, totally my october favourate of this month! For the bronzer is a mixture between the soup and glory and the bobbie brown, they are such good products, when i got out, out then i contour my face with the bobbie brown they blend the rest of my face and the contour out with soup and glory, succh teo amazing products which i find so perfect. With my eyes im using the make uo revolution pallette, yet again they are making my want to wear them all the time, their products wow me and its such a dupe of the naked palettes by urban dexay, but i still love them more. 

I hope you like this new and exiting thing which is happening on pink is the perfect? Let me know in the comment, thanks for reading. 

Fran xox

Thursday, 16 October 2014

LIFE: horse of the year show 2014

Last weekend i headed down to Birmingham for the horse of the year show, if you are a keen horse lover like me this will probably be as exited as i am about reading it as i am writing this post. If most people will know horse of the year show is when new comers come into like in a show jumping and showing event and i love ever single minute of it. I wont ramble on about it all because i know how boring it may be for non horse lovers and all that. 

I first set if down to Birmingham from Sheffield on Saturday afternoon, we saying in soilihul where there was a lovely shopping centre called touchwood. When we got there we went for a meal at giraffe, i do have to say this is probably the most negative part of the weekend and i hated the meal, but all can not be well can it? On sunday this is where the day i had been waiting for came along! We got up had a lovely english breakfast at the hotel then we ventured over to the event. I did have high expectations of what sort of shops there would be and OH MY, i felt like i have died and gone to heaven. Everything you could ever want could be there and 2 massive rooms were filled with such amazing stuff and produce which was all to die for. If i has won the lottery i would i bought the hole thing basically. I watch some amazing people which i knew and didn't who will go on to success in the future and j cannot wait for next year to see what the brings, and to enjoy the same experience all over again. I just cannot wait for the next up coming events this year and next.
Fran xo